INSPIRATION: The unknown photographer

Vivian MeierThis may seem like old news to some as nearly every photography blog out there has passed the info but I wanted to share my feelings about recently discovered photographer, Vivian Maier.

Vivian Maier was nanny for forty years  (1950-1990) and during her spare time she wandered the streets of Chicago with her Rolleiflex.  Her work was just recently discovered when a man purchased a huge quantity of pictures, negatives and even undeveloped film at an auction.

Undoubtedly, looking at her pictures, one can say she had an amazing sense of composition. She could draw attention to little details of day to day life and capture the aura of people on the streets. In this sense, I would say her work can be described as a mix of Cartier-Bresson's and Frank's.

Vivian Maier — Woman beging an officerVivian Maier — Man smoking cigar in the streets of Chicago