TRAVEL: Monaco

June 26th, 13:00. After what should have been a short but turned out to be a long journey I'm finally in the place to be: Monaco.

Less than 2km², 35'586 inhabitants mostly exiled there for tax reasons, and surely as many Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and Aston Martins! I'm here to spend a week with my lovely girlfriend who's on a business trip and hopefully get some nice pictures. So here I go roaming the streets to get a feel for the place and some inspiration. What strikes me at first, apart from the density of its buildings, is the amount of security cameras and policemen everywhere. One thing’s for sure, you feel safe! On the way, I shoot some candid street shots but nothing really interesting. I'm starting to understand the problem. Everything is shiny, glittering, clean, manicured... in one word, perfect. Too perfect!

So here it is: after a couple of days in Monaco I would describe the city with the following words: luxury and confinement.

I decide to take my work in this very direction: using my camera to try to describe this feeling. So I will try to shoot narrow streets, stairs, hundreds of windows everywhere, balconies, high buildings, etc.

In Monaco, you are constantly surrounded by all of this!

Click on panos to view large… TRAVEL: Monaco | Streets

TRAVEL: Monaco | Streets

TRAVEL: Monaco | Streets

TRAVEL: Monaco | Jeux Interdits

TRAVEL: Monaco

If you feel surrounded in streets, out in the "open", wait till you go underground. Monaco is like a fine Swiss cheese, with galleries, elevators, underground parkings everywhere.

TRAVEL: Monaco | Underground

As I've mentioned already, in my eyes, the words that best define Monaco are Luxury and Confinment so how could I miss the beautiful super mega yachts and manicured parks and gardens:

TRAVEL: Monaco | Harbor

TRAVEL: Monaco | Japanese Gardens

I hope you enjoyed this work as much I enjoyed shooting it. It's different from what I usually shoot, but definitely a good exercise, as always.

Have a great weekend, TGIF!