TRAVEL: Berlin - architectural patchwork

As a photographer, discovering and visiting a city is always an opportunity to take pictures.

A few weeks ago, Anka and I went to Berlin and I was pressing the shutter button like a madman during long touristy walks. However, I didn't want to merely share views of Berlin; I wanted to present a work that reflects my feeling about this incredible place.

Four days in Berlin are definitely not enough to get to know the city in depth, the kind of way you know a city when you live there and you become a local. Nonetheless, this short trip gave us a sweet taste of Berlin and I have been thinking, during the past few weeks, about all the things we've seen and experienced.

What really stuck with me is the architectural patchwork of this city. While discovering Berlin I felt, more than anywhere else, that architecture is some kind of time machine. I assume this particular feature of the city struck me because of my general and long-lasting interest in architecture and history. Walking through the streets and listening to our historian guide we were transported through the 20th century historical events from the constitution of Germany to the Cold War via the Nazi and 3rd Reich time straight to the 90's new era. What an incredible melting-pot!

So here is my vision of Berlin: old, new, blurry, ornamented, megalomaniac, functional, destroyed, re-used, ever-changing.

Have a wonderful day!