INSPIRATION: The Swiss touch

Tyler Brulé at Monocle Magazine

I just wanted to share some thoughts about Swiss design and graphics as the proud Swissy I am.

Actually this post was triggered by a Canadian national, Mr. Tyler Brulé, strange isn't it?

My girlfriend told me to check out the visual identity of Banque Heritage, a private bank which has its HQ in Geneva as she thought I would like the Swiss feel to it. Indeed I did. I very much like the logo (less the typeface). Knowing them thanks to their work on Swiss International Air Lines, Bally Golf and other Swiss brands, I wasn't surprised Winkreative, Mr. Brulé's agency, was behind this visual identity.

Banque Heritage LogoSwiss International Air Lines Logo

In my opinion, Winkreative definitively got the Swissness of the look: fresh/pure, straightforward, classy, simple and even a reference to the flag (colors and cross).

It's interesting to note that these characteristics are also present in other segments of design such as typography with Helvetica, Frutiger, etc. I'll try to keep these aspects in mind in my creative process!