Sunset on Sunset.

Last week, Anka and I decided to go take a walk along Sunset Blvd at sunset. It was really a nice walk and allowed us to discover places and shops that we normally do not see as we just drive by them in the car.

Although street photography is not my strong point, I thought it would be good to step out of my comfort zone and take my trusted X100 with me and take a few photos of what caught my eye.

The result is a selection of 11 images. Beautiful light, interesting shadows as well as loads of nice boutiques, restaurants and awesome street art. 

SunsetOnSunset_0001SunsetOnSunset_0002 SunsetOnSunset_0005SunsetOnSunset_0003SunsetOnSunset_0004SunsetOnSunset_0006SunsetOnSunset_0008SunsetOnSunset_0009 SunsetOnSunset_0011SunsetOnSunset_0010SunsetOnSunset_0007

I hope you enjoyed this sunset on Sunset and stayed tuned for more news in the near future!