SHOOT: Vacuum your garden

SHOOT: Vacuum your garden

Summer is just around the corner and barbecues, improvised football games and kids running in the garden will soon be —if not already— part of your weekend. That's why you need to have an impeccable garden. Forget the lawn mower and all that heavy artillery and run for your vacuum cleaner!

I am obviously just kidding but that's part of the thinking behind the picture I shot this weekend. I wanted to shoot a saturated/retro looking image inspired by circa 70's California pictures featuring a stylish housewife gracefully taking care of her lawn.

So, this past Saturday, we headed to Anka's godmother's place as we knew her beautiful house would make a perfect backdrop and that her lawn is awesomely green and well manicured.

Here is the photo:

Vacuum Your Garden

I hope you enjoy it and wish you a wonderful week!