SHOOT: Uniqa

I thought I would share some of my impressions about my first complete commercial photo shoot and production for client Uniqa Insurance Company.

I was originally contacted by Art'n Visual Design a visual communication company here in Geneva to shoot an ad campaign for one of their clients. I actually met Victor, one of the partners at Art'n Visual Design, while photographing him for my current personal work: «Project Geneva». I really appreciated him contacting me for this shoot. The end client, the Geneva branch of Uniqa, supplies insurance solutions specialized for international organizations' employees.

The wish the client had expressed was for a fresh, international looking, original campaign to be displayed at Geneva International Airport. So far, so good. However, the deadline was what one might call tight and, therefore, the production turned out to be kind of hectic. I basically had a week to come up with a full production including creative concepts, location, models and a makeup artist.

The shoot went great and I finally presented four concepts to the client ranging from classic to more daring. The client chose the third concept. The final results will be visible at Geneva International Airport as of January 3rd, 2011.

I will put up the picture on the blog as soon as it is visible at the airport. In the mean time, here are two other concepts I suggested to the client. I think both have something fresh and modern but I have to agree that the picture chosen by the client is probably the most appropriate for their product and message.

As a conclusion, I would say I had a great time shooting this project:

  • the pre-production and shoot, although very stressful, were really interesting as I got to work with a variety of professionals (client, models and crew);
  • I liked the client's guidelines: multicultural people, fresh and innovative with a sense of design and style;
  • I appreciated the fact that lots of decisions were left to me allowing for many creative possibilities with a twist of fun and craziness.