SHOOT: The Human Statue

SHOOT: The Human Statue on

While travelling through Tuscany, Anka and I had a goal. To come back with at least one picture we had in our minds and had discussed before leaving.

The shot we originally had in mind was one of a swirly path lined with cypress trees, etc. We drove around a lot to find the perfect spot but never found it. We did come close and made a picture I really like. That is the one I offered as a wallpaper for April.

While driving around, we did stumble upon another great location. It is right in front of the Villa Torrigiani gate and has an old well, a wrought iron structure as well as an old house with great texture. I did pull out all my lighting gear for this shot but sometimes, natural light is what is best. The light was absolutely incredible but unfortunately going down quite fast.

So Anka struck a pose (we wanted to give the impression of a living statue) and I took a few photos. Here is the shot we selected.

The Human Statue

I hope you enjoy it. Have a happy Wednesday!