Although I am not a big car specialist, I did want to give automotive photography a try someday. So this past Sunday, I called up a good friend of mine, owner of a full black Renault Megane III RS, and asked if he'd be up for a photo session.

It took him two seconds to answer and a couple hours later we met under the highway in La Praille, in Geneva. After an initial setup of my strobes, I was getting some heavy reflection of one of my softboxes so I decided to take it down and replace it with a smaller one.

It was much better and I was getting highlights which were very nice. After trying several angles, compositions, etc I finally settled with the image below.

Megane RS III

I have to admit I am pretty happy for a first try. It was a real challenge and automotive photography is an art itself. Just like you have to know how to make a model pose, you need to know how to pose that car. Reflections were another challenge. Especially on a black car. But trial and error got me to where I wanted to be.

Check out the behind the scenes photos below.

SHOOT: Megane RS III — Behind the scenes setup.

SHOOT: Megane RS III — Behind the scenes.

A huge thanks to my friend Steve for coming out and allowing me to photograph his car as well as for shooting a few behind the scenes pictures like the one above.

Have a happy Monday and may it be the start of a terrific week!