SHOOT: Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Hello, all! I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately but I've been busy and away.

Here is a quick update regarding my commissioned work. Last week I was contacted to shoot a portrait of Mr. Schoen, CEO as well as Mr. Pic, Group Head of Regions and Operations of Louis Dreyfus Commodities. They are the 3rd most important trading company in the world and are based in Geneva, Switzerland. Here are the pictures published in this week's Nouvel Observateur (French News Magazine) and some other pictures commissioned for internal publications.

[alert_red]I was asked by the people at Louis Dreyfus Commodities to remove the pictures of their executive staff.[/alert_red]

It was great to work under such pressure. I had very little time to photograph these gentlemen and then retouch and deliver the pictures less than 2 hours later.

Have a great week!