SHOOT: Dance!

Here is a short post to introduce a series of pictures taken during my recent trip to NYC.

After my workshops at ICP, I was fortunate to meet a contemporary dancer who was willing to pose for a series of pictures. I am forced to admit I am a not a dance connoisseur at all but looking at this guy move strongly reminded me of martial arts and more specifically, capoeira. I have always been a great fan of martial arts probably because I admire the sense of strength, precision and serenity conveyed by the martial artists. With this comparison in mind, the dancer's moves appeared to me more as a sequence of postures than a choreography. I therefore decided to work on static poses opposed to movement, using a gridded stripbox to freeze the dancer’s movements and highlight the strength of his body.

I hope you will enjoy this photographic study and stay tuned for an other series of pictures coming soon!

Have a great day!