RANT: Sex, nudes & flickr

The past few months have been tough on me regarding my project 365. The weather in Switzerland was gray and cold and other events made it hard for me to come up with a daily picture. But I managed. Not always the best but they were okay.

Last Wednesday, March 24th, was one of those days. It was 11PM and I hadn't taken my daily picture yet. I walk in the bathroom and see my girlfriend showering. I pull out my iPhone and snap a picture. I process it a bit and upload it to flickr. I give it a name, add it to the usual groups and give it some keywords. My girlfriend doesn't shower with a bathing suit so I tag the picture with words like nude, naked, etc.

To my surprise, the next morning, in less than 8 hours, this picture had become my most viewed on flickr! When I looked closer to the stats, people actually look for pictures tagged with words like the ones above. I'm no idiot, I know porn is a big deal on the internet but I figured it wasn't such a big thing on flickr.

You know that for now on all my pictures will be tagged with sex, nude, naked, porn, boobs, etc. I'm just kidding but if it's what it takes to generate some traffic on my stream, why not?!

Have you some similar experience?