REVIEW: Shooting lomo with a Diana

REVIEW: Shooting with a Diana

As you may remember, I received a Diana Mini for Christmas and I only just finished the roll the other day. I had it developed and now have some ready to be shared.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with the outcome of certain pictures but realize I am to blame. I am so used to using autofocus that I sometimes forgot to set the focus on the Diana. I also wasn't really accustomed to some of the settings. Now I've read the manual again and the current roll of film should be better.

Lomo photography Lomo photography

Obviously, pictures taken with a lomo camera are not tack sharp and far from perfect but that's what makes them so nice, don't you think? I find the results to be refreshing. Maybe it's because the retro look is in style right now but I think it's something deeper than that. It sets me back a few years, when I was a kid, snapping pictures with my parents' point & shoot. To me, that's what this type of photography is all about. A moment, a snapshot. Not quality, technique  or exposure. Just memories of a place, moment, person.

Lomo photography Lomo photography

For my second roll of film, I've switched to black & white with an Ilford HP5 plus 400 film. I am going to be careful about focusing and let the camera do the rest of the magic! I will obviously share results with you! And if you've taken some photos with a Diana or any other type of toy camera, please feel free to share a link to those images in the comments below.

Lomo photogrpahy

Have a wonderful day and if you are in Geneva, stay dry… (: