REVIEW: Portfolio presentation

Portfolio Review

This week-end was definitively, in many different ways, an enlightening one. Through her job at Julius Baer, Anka got invitations to the ewz.selection - Swiss photo awards.

For those who aren't familiar with this event it is composed of a Award-Night with the exhibition of award winning and selected photographs and portfolio reviews over the week-end.

Although I had absolutely not planned for it, I decided to present my portfolio to two different professionals. One specialized in advertising and the other in editorial. This was certainly the most humbling experience of my photographic career. As I am quite the shy type, talking about my work and myself was definitively a challenge but it was great to finally get some professionals' opinions about my work.

I got some very interesting feedback and I now have lots of things to work on.

Here are some of the pictures that particularly interested these professionals:

Advertising: subway-metro-metropolitain-paris-underground-motion-speed-street-people girl-in-bed-ski-helmet-goggles-poles-quicksilver-atomic woman-contemplating-clock-train-station-motion woman-admiring-scenery-landscape-in-iceland-glacier

Editorial: Belfast Belfast

They also liked some other pictures from Project Geneva but they are currently unpublished and might stay that way until the project is completed!

Have a terrific week!