RANDOM: «6 mois» The Magazine

6 mois | Magazine Yesterday I was roaming through the isles of the Geneva International Book and Press fare and bumped into my sister and niece who were also there. My sister brought my attention to a new French publication called "6 mois" (6 months).

The goal of this publication is to reconnect journalism with photography: 800 pictures, 350 pages, EUR 25.

6 mois | Magazine | Number 1

My first reaction when seeing the magazine came form its format which is really original. And then, the pictures. They are true, emotional and breath taking. This is photojournalism at its best! For all of you who are into photojournalism and others too, this is an incredible source of inspiration and information. The recipe is simple: great photographers from around the world, interesting features far from the mass news we are fed on a daily basis and the belief that images are all you need to tell a story.

Below, you can see a video on the magazine production:

Keep this magazine in mind the next time (and every 6 months) you go to your local book store (at least in France, Switzerland and Belgium)!

Have a great day!