PROJECT: Rocky Skyscrapers

A couple years back, my girlfriend got me a «Smart Box: Sensation» for Christmas. I finally used the coupon to take a helicopter ride around the Mont-Blanc —the top of Europe— and neighboring Alps.

It was the second time I had the opportunity to shoot from a helicopter —the first being at Niagara Falls— and what an experience it was! Although the temperatures were very pleasant at ground level, I had not planned for my fingers being so cold when sticking my hands out the window to take pictures!

I snapped a huge amount of pictures during the 30 minutes the flight lasted and it was truly breath taking! When reviewing the pictures I felt I needed to present them with a certain unity and that's how I came up with the «Rocky Skyscrapers» project. I unfortunately had to exclude the beautiful Mont-Blanc from the series. Yes, it is the highest summit in Europe but it's really rounded, nearly flat!


Over time, I would like to add pictures from different places to this project always focusing on jagged edges, peaks, vertiginous heights and the roughness of the mountains.

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