Through this intimate series of portraits I wanted to document the feeling of home.

Let me explain: I've always been a homeloving person. As much as I love going out, travelling and discovering new places, it always fills me with joy to come back to the place I can call home. A few months ago, when my Grandfather told me he was considering moving out of his apartment to a retirement home, I felt really sad for him as I know he is also a homeloving person. So when I went to visit him this past August at his new home, I was relieved to see he had made himself a cozy nest in this new environment.

While getting to know other elder residents, the idea of a series of portraits formed around this question:

«what would you choose to take with you, from your previous life, to feel at home?»

This series of portraits is about personalities, their environment and feeling home.

Many, many thanks to the great participants who agreed to let me into their worlds.