CURRENT: Project Geneva «Guest Star»

Drummer Hands

With the holiday season being over, I am happy to be back on track with my «Project Geneva»! I am still looking for lots of people from different nationalities (view the list) living in the Geneva so please contact me if you know people who might be interested.

I am pleased to share some great news with you! Approximately two months ago, I was discussing the project with a good friend of mine, and working in PR, she came up with some excellent ideas and suggestions. One of them being to contact a world renowned jazz drummer —a US citizen living in Geneva for quite some time— and ask him if he would like to take part in the project. We prepared an email and sent it out. Just as I was starting to think he would unfortunately never reply, I received and very friendly email from him confirming he would love to help me out!

I called him last week and we had a very nice chat. It turns out he is quite the photography passionate and shoots Nikon as well. We could only get along!

I am really looking forward to this shoot with him which will probably take place some time next week.

As the Looney Tunes would say: «That's all folks!». As for me, I would say that's all —for now— folks! I will definitely keep you posted about other news regarding the project.

photo credit: OhWeh