CURRENT: Project Geneva

A little over a month ago I started undergoing a photography project currently titled “Project Geneva” or “Geneva through the eyes of the world”.

This project is a way of getting my name out there by associating subjects I particularly like: meeting people from different places and Geneva as a place to live.

I was looking for a way to promote the city I was born and raised in and it dawned on me that it wouldn’t be what it is without it’s foreigner and expat community. So why not get a fresh vision of my home town by confronting their experiences? And show how much this community likes living in Geneva.

So my journey begins and I am on a mission: finding at least one person for every single country listed on this UN list living in Geneva. I know the task before me is an enormous one but I have got help, thankfully!

Now as far as the pictures go, I ask every subject to choose their favorite place in Geneva. That is where the photo is taken. Then I also ask them to describe their vision of the city or their experience here in one word.

So far, the response to this project has been overwhelming and I have photographed more than 20 people already. I have published only the first 19 pictures (10% of the total amount of people I want to photograph) on my facebook page as I wish to keep some kind of surprise for when the project will be done.

Also, if you know anybody from the Pacific Islands or the Carribean Islands that might be interested in taking part in the project (they get a full resolution file of their picture) please send them my way as I am having trouble finding people from these remote countries.

Thank you and have a great day, josh