REVIEW: Project 365

Project 365

I thought I would share some of my feelings regarding my 365 project.

I discovered the idea on Flickr as many people there have finished or are undergoing a 365. I liked the idea and I thought it would be a great motivation and creativity booster.

At first, as I was traveling a lot in Switzerland for the corporate job I had at the time, I started off taking most of the pictures with my iPhone and processed them within the iPhone using apps like Best Camera, TiltShift Gen, Camera Bag, Lo-Mob, Hipstamatic

Train Passing by and Church Reflection A Prairie in the Snow and a Rusty Bolt

I had been bugging my lovely girlfriend to pose for some pictures but she always refused! Some day, out of the blue, she accepted to play model for me and that's when I started to work on some concepts and began to experience with strobe lighting. I was also working hard on Photoshop tricks and manipulations. I found my inspiration on Flickr and other sites, worked on some ideas with my girlfriend, and voilà!

The Beauty & the Beast There's a Magic World Behind the Mirror Tattooed Reality

This part of the 365 was definitely my favorite but doing it after work was hard. I committed to taking one picture per day. Some people undergoing 365s just post a picture a day, no matter when it was taken. So, finding inspiration, shooting the photo, post-processing, etc made it a challenge to post a daily picture but it was well worth it. One photo was actually used in New Yorker Magazine's website (link to the article) and several others have been used on websites and blogs. Among those, the following is the most popular.

Communication Problems?

Some other days, when creativity was on strike, I had more difficulty due to the fact that I had many things going on during the day and didn't have the time to think about my daily photo and snap that shot. That's when the «desperate abstracts» were useful. Just find something around the house to shoot, process and post. Some turned out pretty good and one shot was actually selected as 1 of the TOP100 shots taken with a cellphone (the pictures are sorted by alphabetical order. Mine is #55).

As a conclusion, I would say undergoing a project 365 is well worth it but you have to manage some daily time for it. It's also quite hard to maintain a certain unity in the shots but on the other hand it calls for diversity which is nice. Should I decide to do another similar project, I think I would go for a «project 52» which is one photo per week. I have absolutely no regrets as I am very proud of some of the shots and my 365 clearly boosted my work!