POLL: What mood is better, Edgy or Pensive?

Top of the morning to you! I wish you all a wonderful St-Patrick's day!

Yesterday, after photographing a person from the Solomon Islands for my Project Geneva, I went to this overpass in Geneva and took some photos I had been wanting to take for quite a while now.

The first time I saw this "tunnel", it immediately made me think of some kind of futuristic or spaceship hallway. So when I started working on the image, I wanted to give it that edgy felling. Hence the blueish overcast due to the tungsten lights. But then, I started thinking about the same image in black & white with a more pensive mood. And now, I just can't decide which is best. I do have an opinion, but I would like to know what you think.

So here are the pictures (click on them for a larger view) and I would really appreciate you casting your vote and maybe explaining why you like A or B in the comments.

Edgy (A): the color version Edgy (A): the color version

Pensive (B): the black & white version Pensive (B): the black & white version

Thanks and have a great day!

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