SHOOT: Shoei Qwest

Last week I was asked to shoot a brand new Shoei helmet for[FR] a blog about motorcycles here in Switzerland. I was not able to blog about it before as they were the first in Europe to have it as an exclusivity.

The article is out now so I can share the pictures here and a small «how to».

The shoot was actually fun and definitely different to what I am used to. But I am quite happy with the outcome and the final result.

The first thing I thought of when I was asked was how to photograph this helmet and have it look natural. By natural, I mean no sitting on a table. I wanted it to look like it was being warn. The broom stick immediately came to my mind and that is what we did the day of the shoot. It worked well and was not too complicated to remove in post-processing.

And if you were wondering about the lighting setup, here is a diagram of how I positioned my lights.

I hope you find this information useful and please let me know if I should do anymore of these.