NO MUSIC NO LIFE: Wish You Were Here.

WOW! This is long overdue but hey, better late than never. Right? This photo was the last I shot before moving to LA and also the last of my NO MUSIC NO LIFE series. This explains the delay in sharing it since my computer was in a container on a boat crossing the Atlantic for a few months. Anyway, I'm all settled in now and I can finally share this photo.

The idea behind the shoot was fairly simple. The title is «Wish You Were Here» and that can mean anything regarding why the person is absent. For several reasons, I decided to go with the more morbid choice: she passed away. I had the ideal location, a cemetery close to where I lived and the weather decided to be on our side and grant us with a beautiful sunset.

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As usual, I am also sharing the lighting setup in a diagram below. Once again —why change, right?!— I lit Marc with a gridded beauty dish. I love the quality of light it produces as well as the focused beam. It just works for me.


Of course, I also shot the behind the scenes for this shoot with my GoPro and interviewed Marc as I did for every other NO MUSIC NO LIFE shoot. You can even see a guest appearance by my wonderful wife, Anka. And for those of you who don't know this great song, you can hear it in the video.

[vimeo id="76361277" width="620" height="349"]


I hope you enjoyed this series of photos and can't wait to share what's next!