M. CHAT is a graphic creation by franco-swiss artist Thoma Vuille. It consists of a yellow cat always sporting an enormous smile. It's mostly painted on walls — but can be found elsewhere — and generally in inaccessible spots.

Thoma Vuille decribes his work on the National Center of Street Arts in Cognac, France:

«My framework is the city, its streets, walls, and the eyes of those who live in it. I use the street and public environment like a canvas, trying to offer passers by imaginative and colorful windows. I mark my paths, those I imagine natural and poetic in the urban space. I try to create materials for the narration of the city for its residents, participating in the birth and exchange of local culture. »

The phenomena is so big, M.CHAT has been spotted all around the world. On buildings and one dollar bills in New York, on the tram in Sarajevo,  in Hong Kong, etc.

Film director Chris Marker even decided to dedicate a documentary — Chats Perchés — to the smiling cat in 2004.

The latest news is a book by Thoma Vuille naturally called « M. CHAT ».

 If you would like to see and learn more about  M. CHAT, I invite you to visit the different sites in the list of related links below.

And if you spot your own M. CHAT somewhere, please come here and share it or go to the dedicated group on Flickr. Yes, the yellow cat has its own group on Flickr.

I hope you enjoy discovering the work of Thoma Vuille and feel free to comment or add any information you might have.

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