INSPIRATION: Gems of Geneva


As I mentioned earlier today in a status update over on my facebook page, shooting Project Geneva has been amazing on so many different levels.

One of them being it's allowed me to discover or rediscover beautiful places that I would like to share with newcomers to Geneva as well as with true genevois. Go check them out!

  • Cottage Café: this cute little café is in the small park right behind the Monument Brunswick, by the lake. It's sort of a «feel like home» kind of place and has a great atmosphere. Definitely go check it out!
  • Café des Arts: another café with a nice atmosphere. This one is sort of decorated in a kitchy matter but it just works.
  • Prieuré de St-Jean: I discovered this place today. It's a small garden which the city upkeeps. It has many different flowers, vegetables and fruits growing and even has an old well. Really cute and it's right in the middle of the city!
  • Carouge: I knew Carouge before undergoing the project but it has allowed me to rediscover this city within the city. Its streets, galleries, small boutiques and squares make it a great place to wonder.
  • Chambésy: there is an overlook of the city, the lake and the mountains in Chambésy that is simply breathtaking. It's kind of hard to give directions as one could come from many places. So just google these GPS coordinates [46.241528, 6.143806] to find it.
  • Quai du Seujet: well, not the whole Quai but where the big sculpture is. This sculpture is a set of big cubes that have an incredible industrial, gritty look and feel. I've driven pass them many times and had never noticed them before photographing someone there for the project.

These are just a few place among many, many others I've discovered thanks to the amazing people this project has given me the opportunity to meet. And you want to know the good news? I still have more than 100 countries to photograph. That will give me a chance to meet more awesome people and discover new incredible places!

What a great way to freshen up my view of my hometown!

What place have you discovered and would like to share? Feel free to add to this list in the comments below.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend!