Happy Birthday Creative Mornings Los Angeles!

This past Friday, I went to my 4th Creative Mornings event since I've been in LA. This time, though, was a bit different as it was the LA chapter's 3rd birthday.

I got in touch with Jon, the organizer, a month or so ago and asked if he'd be interested in having a photo booth at an event. I know they are fun since I've setup a few for the Creative Mornings events in Geneva. In addition to that, the space the talk took place in this month was incredible: The Herman Miller showroom in LA!

I setup my booth outside, in front of a rusty wall that would serve perfectly as a backdrop.

Creative Mornings LA photo booth setup

Also, since it was CMLA's 3rd birthday, I came with some accessories, pens and paper and had participants be creative in their wishes! Some even recycled! (;

Anyway, here are the results from this session which was a lot of fun and I hope I'll be able to do this again soon.

As always, head on over to my Facebook profile  (and follow me if you'd like) to see the photos in higher resolution and tag yourself if you are in a photo. 

CMLA_0001 CMLA_0002 CMLA_0003 CMLA_0004 CMLA_0005 CMLA_0006 CMLA_0007 CMLA_0008 CMLA_0009 CMLA_0010 CMLA_0011 CMLA_0012 CMLA_0013 CMLA_0014 CMLA_0015 CMLA_0016 CMLA_0017 CMLA_0018 CMLA_0019 CMLA_0020 CMLA_0021 CMLA_0022 CMLA_0023 CMLA_0024 CMLA_0025 CMLA_0026 CMLA_0027 CMLA_0028 CMLA_0029 CMLA_0030

As you can see, lots of fun and a great talk by the band YACHT.

I've actually written down some of their quotes to share with you:

when an idea is put out in the world it doesn't belong to you anymore.

bite off more than you can chew and figure it out later.

tricking the wold is the ultimate game.

and my personal favorite:

work is play and play is work.

Have a great day!