Getting ideas.

I'll come right out and admit it, so far, my ideas—good or bad—often just came to me. Other times, they were the fruit of a thinking collaboration with Anka. That was the case, for example, of Faces of Geneva. No Music No Life on the other hand, just came to me. Anyway, however your ideas come to you is not important. What's important is to have them.

Lately, I've been kind of overwhelmed with my new life in LA and couldn't really figure out what to shoot and how to make it interesting, etc. Of course, I could just go ahead and shoot a Faces of LA but I'm not one to surf the same wave too long. I need to move on, challenge myself and shoot something new. But what?!

That was my problem lately, finding an idea for a series of pictures I liked for more than 5 minutes. So the other night, while Anka was out, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I started doing something I never do. I started a mind map. I couldn't have imagined how useful and fruitful it could be!

Josh Fassbind mind map Los Angeles

In the half-hour it took me to draw this map, I had 4 or 5 ideas I liked and still like! I'm not going to tell you what they are right now, I have to fine tune them and then make them a reality by actually shooting these series of photos. What's really funny though, is some of the connections I made without really thinking and led to some of the best ideas. 

Anyway, enough talking for now but before I go, if you haven't ever tried doing a mind map, I can only recommend you give it a go! It's quite impressive what comes out of the experience!

How about you, how do you get your ideas?