FFF#9: Ben Heine

Ben Heine is an active artist out of Belgium. How I first discovered his stream was by browsing Explore and stumbled upon his Pencil vs. Camera series. Not only is Ben a good photographer, he is an awesome artist too.

I couldn't find much about Ben other than what is on his website or Flickr profile. He was actually born in Abidjan, Ivory Cost but lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Like many, he has studied graphic arts but also sculpture and sports a degree in journalism. Browsing through his stream you will see many amazing pictures. My guess is every single one of them has been through Photoshop. Some alterations are more obvious than others but all are very interesting.

I would love to tell you more about him, how he came up with some of his ideas (Pencil vs. Camera in particular, what a great idea!) and how he processes his images but I guess you'll just have to sit down and admire his images instead...

Pencil Vs Camera - 15 My Boat Wants To Sail Pencil Vs Camera - 18 I Believe in God

I hope you enjoying Ben Heine's work and also make sure to check his Circlism work, some great stuff there too!

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All pictures in this post are by Ben Heine.