FFF#8: Heather Smith

Heather Smith is a North Carolina based photographer who shows people a different side of their ordinary lives. From portraiture to landscape, her work will make you stop and look closer.

There is something about how Heather's photography makes you feel that can't be explained, or that I can't explain. But rest assured, it is a good feeling.

Heather Smith's portraits and work are very special. I, for one, particularly like the series called Domesticated. It brilliantly portrays everyday chores endured by woman with a just a zest of humor and great composition.

martha stewart she was not “I'm eighteen years behind in my ironing” dive in...those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.

Heather is also a talented graphic designer and likes to alter and enhance her photos to take them up a notch. That might be that special something that attracts me to Heather's work.

She best describes her own work with the following words:

I like to tell a story with my photographs, to express the world through my eyes and show aspects of life that other might not see.

Well Heather, I think it is safe to say: mission accomplished!

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All pictures in this post are by Heather Evan Smith.