FFF#7: LordV

I must admit, I'm not crazy about bugs in general. I'm allergic to bees and wasps and absolutely hate spiders. But LordV's macro photography has given me a new look on bugs and other crawling insects.

LordV actually sort of knows his subject. He is a retired PhD Microbiologist so I guess it is safe to say he is an expert when it comes to small/tiny things in this world. And bugs and insects are small although some seem huge and scary!

Until I read LordV's short bio, I was sure he photographed his subjects in some kind of lab or macro studio. But that is not the case. He shoots them in his garden, in the UK. I guess you sometimes just have to keep your eyes open and your microscope in your pocket to find photography subjects!

Large red damselfly just emerging from the nymph #3 Miner bee series #3 Crop from Hoverfly -Lesser bulb fly Eumerus sp.#2 Sweat bee in dandelion flower- Lasioglossum sp ? #3

I am always very impressed with the details in his photographs and how he can almost make me like these little buggers.

If you are into macro photography or if you are keen on discovering a world of minuscule, make sure you pay LordV a visit.

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All pictures in this post are by LordV.