FFF#6: Sarah Schloo

I only discovered Sarah Schloo (that's not her real name by the way) a few weeks ago when browsing through Flickr's Explore. What immediately caught my eye was the kind of dreamy world her pictures take you to. These pictures by the way are more than just pictures. They are a mix of photography, painting and illustration.

After going through her stream and her profile I could better understand the creativity behind Sarah's pictures. She proudly holds a BTEC in Foundation Art & Design as well as a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design.

Watching my soul ebb away by Sarah Schloo Freshly Squeezed by Sarah Schloo Modern Day Fairytale - Princesses don't eat apples anymore by Sarah Schloo

Sarah is currently undergoing a "Project 52" (one picture per week) and needless to say, it is always a great pleasure to discover this weekly treasure.

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All pictures in this post are by Sarah Schloo.