FFF#1: Miss Aniela

First a few words about what FFF is. FFF stands for Friday Flickr Find. What I will try to do is talk about a person I have heard of or discovered on Flickr and share them with you. I am hoping to make this a weekly feature but might not succeed every single week.

Now back to this first Friday Flickr Find: Miss Aniela

I first discovered Miss Aniela after hearing her interview on TWIP. I then started following her on Flickr and have been enjoying her images ever since.

This South East UK based artist follows a popular trend among women photographers on Flickr by taking mostly autoportraits. She has really mastered the art of orignal mise-en-scene and every new picture is a whole story in itself.

Although Miss Aniela might overuse Photoshop sometimes she is, nevertheless, full of incredible and original ideas.

Her work speaks for itself so I'll let you discover it.

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