CURRENT: Are you Instagraming?


Two weeks ago, I decided to open an Instagram account to share my iPhone pics and I must say I love it! Instagram is an iPhone based application that allows you to take and share pictures with your friends.

I've been taking iPhone pictures for quite some time now. It all started with my project 365 because it was handy to have your camera everywhere you go. Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. I used to post most of these pictures on my Flickr account.

These last few weeks I've decided to reorganize my photos on social media and here it goes:

  • Blog: from a picture point of view, features personal project and professional shoots.
  • Flickr account: I decided to recenter my presence and uploaded my mood books. In the future I will post personal project and maybe some professional shoots.
  • Instagram: iphonography.

So, go ahead, check out and download Instagram, I'd love to see you on this platform! If you're already using it feel free to put your contact details in the comments below and I will follow you there. Also I would love to have your feedback on iphonography in general.

Have a wonderful Easter break!