Hello from the city of angels!

It's been just a little over two weeks we have arrived in Los Angeles and it's already starting to feel like home. The first week we decided to play tourists a bit and explore this gigantic city. It's a lot of fun, there are loads to see and we are fare from being done exploring! We'll keep that for the weekends and days off.


Professionally, I was fortunate enough to get some feedback from an influential photographer on my website and its content. Following his advice, I decided to simplify the layout as well as the content of the portfolio. I went from a very eclectic selection of images to a cohesive series of strong images pulled from my «Faces of Geneva» project. The idea is to market myself as a portrait photographer and that's exactly what those photos are.

I'll tell you more about this big life change as time goes by and you can also subscribe to my updates on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.