2014: the comeback?

Hey, it's been a while. How have you all been?

I've really been bad at this blogging business. Not that I don't enjoy it — au contraire! — but I think if I don't have anything of interest to say or share, I just don't. It turns out, I might have more to say than I believe…

I didn't make any resolutions this year because I never really hold them. But I do have objectives and one of them is to blog on a more regular basis. Maybe I'll share stuff that's not necessarily photo related but if I post something it will be because I believe it may inspire, help or whatever else. There is so much stuff that inspires me here in LA (places, exhibits, people, etc) that I think it would be a shame not to share some of it here.

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Now, enough about me. What are your photographic objectives for 2014? Or simply your resolutions?

I would love to read about them in the comments below.