JAPAN: Tokyo.

Before I tell you about Tokyo, I need to set things straight. Before going, I had this preconceived idea in my mind (another one) about Tokyo: it’s huge, it’s futuristic, it’s stressful and that’s not the side of Japan I will like. I’m happy to tell you I was completely wrong. Is it huge? Definitely. Is it futuristic? Not as much as I thought it would be. Is it stressful? Might be, probably is on a daily basis but as a tourist I didn’t feel it. Did I dislike it? No, I loved it!

JAPAN: Kobe – Kamakura – Nikko.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these posts about our Japanese journey. I have a couple more to write after this one: one about bustling Tokyo and the other about my general impression of this amazing country. But let’s not go too fast. First things first. Here is the fourth and last part of the trip before we returned to Tokyo. Kobe. I added Kobe to the list of cities we visited but we didn’t really visit Kobe, we actually experienced Kobe’s main attraction. Still taking full advantage of our train pass, we decided to stop in Shin-Kobe (Kobe’s Shinkansen station) …