The quest for the perfect bag is over!

If you are a serious photographer, you probably have, or had at some point in your career, at least 3 or 4 camera bags. They all have a specificity you like but are also lacking the feature that will make them the perfect bag.

Look no further, your quest is over: I present you TrekPak.

I can’t remember when I saw a tweet talking about this cool camera bag project on Kickstarter but I checked it out and immediately fell in love with the idea.

The concept as described by TrekPak themselves:

An innovative and easy-to-use padded divider system for protecting your gear in your favorite alpine bag or hard case.


As you know, Anka and I travelled around the world this summer and I absolutely wanted a bag to pack my gear that did not look like a camera bag, that was light and easy to manage. That’s when I remembered TrekPak. I backed them on Kickstarter and was lucky enough they shipped me a pre-production insert along with the bag. I used it for 3 months and believe me, the bag was not treated lightly. It was thrown around for 3 weeks on the Transsiberian, exposed to more dust than you can imagine in Mongolia during 2 weeks, endured unbearable humidity for a month in China and finally withstood a 7’000 mile drive in the USA going down the West coast, across the country and up the East coast.

The Deuter bag is extremely durable and the TrekPak insert was perfect. Not only was I able to easily shift things around — bye bye velcro! — but it also protected my gear like no other.

There you have it, the perfect camera bag: Deuter’s experience in providing good reliable packs and TrekPak’s awesome creativity delivering photographers from the nightmare of velcro.

Before I leave you and if you are not yet convinced by TrekPak, check out their Kickstarter presentation video below. You’ll never look at your old bag the same way after it…

So, are you convinced? Have you found your perfect bag?


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