Soon to be ‘Lost in Translation’.

Konichiwa! If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you know Anka and I will be travelling to Japan for a whole month from April 16 to May 15. To say I am excited is a complete understatement!

I have wanted to visit Japan for as long as I can remember. I am drawn to the culture, the tradition and many other things the country has to offer. I can’t wait to wander the streets of bustling Tokyo and then discover the more traditional and rural side of Japan.

[aside position=”absolute”]You have to push yourself to not settle for the expected. Exotic people or places are not enough to make a good photograph.[/aside]When we travel, we usually book our flights and that’s about it. We don’t plan and stay open to opportunities and adventures. But, for this trip, we decided to make a bit of planning ahead of time. The reason is we want to make the most of our trip and don’t want to spend too much time in trains or other means of transportation. I want to take lots of photos (stay tuned at the beginning of next week, I will be posting about the gear I am taking) and also more meaningful photos if I can manage. The thing I regret with my photos from After Dimitri is that they are, in my eyes, just high quality tourist photos. I didn’t push myself enough to find subjects to photograph that meant something more to me. I didn’t manage to capture what I was hoping to capture. And, unfortunately, it is not the first time I am guilty of this. 




So this time, I am going to make an effort to capture the essence of the place I am visiting without relying solely on the subject. It will be quite different from what I usually do while travelling but I think I will come out of it not only a better travel photographer but also a better story-teller. 

As mentioned above, tune in on Tuesday to see what gear I am bringing with me for this trip.

Until then, have a great weekend!


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