Signal & Noise by Zack Arias.

I’ve mentioned Zack Arias a few times already on this blog. Last time was when discussing the fact that everyone today is a photographer.

Zack is a great photographer based in Atlanta, GA and he’s been through the less glorious and sparkling days of photography. When it wasn’t cool or hip to be a photographer. He tried, he struggled, he quit and he tried again. And now he’s succeeding.

The thing about Zack is that what he says and the way he puts it speaks to me. I don’t know if it’s his difficult experience or because he tells things the way they are but his words reach me.

He recently made a video for Scott Kelby (a Photoshop guru) and once again, was blown away by how right he is.

I am forced to admit that in the past months, I’ve been hearing lots and lots of noise and not much signal. I’ve been focusing on the wrong things and that needs to change. It is going to change. Now.

I am sure if this video helps me it will help others too, that’s why I am posting it.

Thanks Zack for putting words on my thoughts that I couldn’t have figured myself, thanks for being so true.


title image by Jeremiah Corbin.

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