SHOOT: Dr. Fujiwara for UBC

Hi all, I am back from a crazy week in the city that never sleeps – more on that later – and I thought I would share with you guys a shoot I had before I left.

So, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a design agency in Canada. Their client, University of British Columbia, is launching a new website about some of their former students and their A-HA moments.

I was commissioned to photograph Dr. Makoto Fujiwara. He is an amazing scientist who works at CERN and he was part of the team that managed to trap antimatter.

Anyway, I met with Dr. Fujiwara at CERN and was given access to his lab. It was a great privilege and I tried to capture the essence of it.

Lighting conditions were tough, lots of mixed sources. I also had to work light as I had no idea, previous to the shoot, where we would go. So I decided to rely on a simple SB-900 in a 26” Lastolite softbox.

I had a lot of fun during the shoot. Dr. Fujiwara was really easy to work with and was nice enough to give me a quick tour of the lab.

To make things even better, I just heard back from UBC a few day ago and they are really happy with the pictures!

Have a terrific day!

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  1. Anka

    Très sympa! Impressionnant tout ce matériel!


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