NO MUSIC NO LIFE: You’ve Got the Love.

This past weekend, Anka was visiting a friend in Marseille so I decided to book my weekend for NO MUSIC NO LIFE shoots. I had two on Saturday and one on Sunday. It was nice, I got to meet Sam, a photographer in Geneva who came to assist me on Saturday and have some friends over on Sunday.

All three pictures are pretty different and that’s nice.

So, Kristell was one of the first responders to my original and mysterious post about NO MUSIC NO LIFE. She immediately asked for «You’ve Got the Love» by Florence & the Machine. It’s a really cool song, full of energy but I still wanted to go with a simple picture. and a very simple 2-lights setup.

First, as you will see in the diagram below, an 18cm gridded reflector from way above Kristell and then, a strip box just camera left to fill in the shadows just a bit. I also had Dominique, Kristell’s husband, waving my reflector to create wind and Sam, blowing flour from his hands. At first I wasn’t too convinced by the effect of the flour but it turns out that the tiny particles give the image a mystical effect that regular smoke wouldn’t have achieved. I guess you can call that a happy coincidence.


Here is a small version of the final photo. Go to my Facebook profile to see a larger version. Also, feel free to follow me there for regular news and updates.


And finally, the behind the scenes video. My GoPro started acting up and failed after 4 seconds of film so there isn’t much of the shoot but I gave as much details as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this!


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