NO MUSIC NO LIFE: Where Is My Mind.

When Chrystelle chose «Where Is My Mind» as a song for NO MUSIC NO LIFE, I was immediately thrown back a few years and reminded of the time I first saw Fight Club. This was before the year 2000 for the younger readers among us.

Anyway, the first concept that came to mind was to have her in a padded room wearing a straitjacket but I don’t have access to a padded room and don’t own such a garment. Then I decided I would ask Chrystelle how she interprets the song and she saw a contrast between dreams and reality.

As the lyrics are quite particular and I admit I don’t get the, I decided to shoot a super simple photo. It would be on white seamless, be bright and would mixup Chrystelle’s interpretation of the song and mine.


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For this shoot, I also went all out on the lighting, as you can see in the diagram below. Two lights are blasting on the background and then one in a gridded beauty dish (did I hear someone say “again”?!) and one last one in a 100cm octa.


And here is the behind the scenes video shot in the comfort of my own home… 

I hope you enjoyed this photo and stay tuned, a new one is coming sometime this week!




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