Right after we shot Kristell for You’ve Got the Love, we moved out of the garage to photograph Dominique for Aaron’s U-Turn, otherwise know as Lili.

This photo was a bit different and staged a bit more. Kristell was playing Lili, a low life junkie and Dominique was there to help her step out of her fake world.

That’s why he is opening the door and light is pouring out.


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Also, to make the shot more realistic and believable, Sam had a great idea: run to the nearest pharmacy and get a sterile kit they sell. We also gathered some trash to throw around the set.

I don’t know if you looked in the video but for this shoot, I had a 4-lights setup but it’s pretty simple really. I had one bare head behind the door and a gridded beauty dish (have you noticed I really like this modifier?!) lighting Kristell. I also had an SB-900 in a strip box filling the shadows on Dominique as well as another SB-900 held by Sam pointing at Dominique’s face.


I am very happy with how this shot turned out and I think it really fits the song well.

It was a very productive day, we really had fun and even though the locations are really similar, both photos are completely different from one another.

The only downside of the day was my GoPro. It failed on the first shoot and the card was full on the second. Oh well… lesson learned! 

Have a great day!


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  1. Livia (Chamelle Photography)

    Great work and nice song!
    I’d heard this song before and I recognised it as being from a film I saw but I couldn’t remember which one… googled it and found it: Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas.


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