NO MUSIC NO LIFE: Paparazzi.

Alexis contacted me about a month ago and immediately chose «Paparazzi» by Lady Gaga. My first idea was to get out of the Paparazzi idea and shoot a different concept but after listening to the song, I really didn’t see what else I could do. In the end I am pretty happy with the image. It works well. The castle and park are really nice and glamorous, the starlet sunbathing is nice and Alexis, although a bit uncomfortable at first played a nice stalking photographer.

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As far as lighting goes, this was a simple 2-lights setup:

> beauty dish (ungridded, for once) on Alexis
> octa on Jennifer


And here is the behind the scenes video. Thanks again to the Golf & Country Club Bossey for allowing us to shoot in the castle’s gardens.

I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned this week for another NO MUSIC NO LIFE.



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