NO MUSIC NO LIFE: Chasing Cars.

I’m really happy with the response NO MUSIC NO LIFE is getting. People like the idea and I have shot 4 photos this past week and have a few in the works.

Anyway, when Florence wrote me, way back, she wanted «Chasing Cars», I must admit I had no idea how to picture this beautiful song. So I listened to it, over and over and the lyrics that stuck with me were:

«If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and forget the world?»

So I thought about that and decided I would have her lay down as the world goes by. I also wanted to include a bit of a car or something but was afraid it would look like she was hit by said car. So I forgot that idea.

All we had to do was wait for fair weather — that’s not a given these days in Geneva — and gather a few friends to be the passers by. 

We got together on Sunday May 26 and managed to gather 8 extras to be in the photo. It was a whole lot of fun, the weather was fair (actually too sunny at one point) and it proved to be a challenge to synchronise everybody. But we pulled it off and I really like the final photo. It works well.


View a large version on my Facebook profile. Also, make sure to follow me there for regular news and updates.

The lighting for this shot is super simple. First, because I wanted a rather moody photo. Second, I didn’t want to light the passers by too much so I went with a single light source. Can you guess what modifier I used? Yep, a gridded beauty dish!


It was kind of hard to represent the setup on the diagram so you’ll see it  better in the below video. I set my camera on a tripod in a flight of stairs and the beauty dish is in the street, fairly low to light Florence’s face.

I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for some more coming soon!



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