PROJECT: Live Young

Live Young Photo Project

Last November I spent a few days in Florida for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to build up my portfolio so I decided to shoot some personal work with a particular focus on active, outdoors lifestyle photography.

I wanted to photograph something fresh and original and I knew I would definitely want to work with people and light them too. So I began to think: I will be in an idyllic place surrounded by senior citizens, what original concept can I come up with? Suddenly, I remembered some adds and it came to me. I really like Evian‘s last couple of years campaign «Live Young». It is all about contrasts and I am all for those! That was it, I would photograph «oldies» doing things you would expect younger people to do!

I organized the production from Europe and met the models on location. They were great! Full of energy, open to my suggestions, they were true professionals! We were also fortunate to have some amazing light. The whole day was overcast and just as we started shooting, the sun peeked through the clouds.

Here is a selection of shots from that day.

Live Young — Play like there is no tomorrow Live Young — Impersonate Mitch Buckanon Live Young — Camp out Live Young — Love!

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  1. Trinity Faith

    Wonderful images Josh!! I live in Florida and am amazed at the beautiful older individuals visiting and living within this state. I have seen many amazing looking 70, 80 and 90 year old people!

  2. Zeus

    Fantastic shooting!! The light is amazing, and I love how you managed the fill-in flash.
    The models are great too, very good work! :o)

  3. josh

    Thank you both. We were very fortunate to have such great models and weather!


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