Inspiration for week 46.

It’s been a week already since the last “Inspiration” post. Time flies!

Here we go for my sources of inspiration this past week.

1. Woody Allen

I am currently in Florida, taking a break from grey and foggy Geneva, and on the way over I watched Woody Allen’s latest movie: To Rome With Love.

I have to admit, I didn’t like it as much as his other movies. To me, he didn’t quite capture and picture Rome the way I see it. But he is nevertheless a master at lighting and creating an ambiance. When I think of movies like Midnight in Paris or Whatever Works, I can only be inspired by his genius.

2. Sarcastic videos

This is an oldie but still very funny. It depicts problems photographers face with clients and shows how absurd they are when put in real life situations. It inspires me to try to shake things up and not let clients belittle me or take advantage of me. It thankfully hasn’t really happened yet but I know I will be confronted to this some day and it will be my goal to stick to what I believe my work is worth and not accept some crappy pay because I’ll get pseudo exposure!

3. Swiss watchmaking

On Thursday night in Geneva was the “Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève”, the GPHG. It’s a very high-end event which rewards the best watches in different categories. I was hired to take pictures during the evening but I had “carte blanche”. I wasn’t shooting the event as an event. It was interesting. Anyway, what inspired me was how certain companies like Tag Heuer and HYT Watches think outside the box a completely revolutionize and rethink watchmaking. How can we rethink and revolutionize photography?

4. Watching the sunset

They say sunlight is essential to all. Well, just sitting on the beach watching the sunset not only recharges all my batteries but also fuels my body with some kind of much needed energy. And OMG do I love pelicans!


I hope you had a good weekend and  that your week to come will be special!


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