Inspiration for week 44.

This is a new section on the blog. Every Sunday I will post 4 things that have inspired me during the week. It could be anything from a photo to a book or some music, etc…

So here we go for this past week.

1. Overwerk — Daybreak

It’s sort of old news by now but GoPro released their newest camera with a promotional video. The video is nice and the quality is stunning but that’s not what inspired me. The music is what gets my juices going. The track, by Overwerk is called Daybreak. It is free to download on Overwerk’s Facebook page.

Or you can listen to it right here.


2. Unknown artist

[image_float type=”left” url=”” width=”40″ height=”60″][/image_float]You have no idea how much this photo inspires me and keeps me going. It’s like a glimpse of a future to come and nobody can take that away from me.

Click on the thumbnail to view it large.

3. Reorganizing our creative space

Anka and I share an office in our home. The way the furniture was laid out hadn’t changed in a while. This week we moved things around and we setup and actual inspiration wall to pin things that inspire us. It’s great to have and I highly recommend it!

4. Launching my website

My website has been closed nearly 6 weeks. I was working on a new version, with bigger pictures, better looks, etc. I launched it on October 31 and getting such positive feedback from so many different people gave me the energy and inspiration necessary to continue, to keep shooting and fill up the site with loads more of photos!


I hope you had a good weekend and  that your week to come will be special!


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