How much fun I had making my first camera!

The other day, Anka and I drove to Blick, an awesome art supplies store on Beverly Blvd. As I walked in, they had a table with all these Lomo cameras. Being the geek that I am, I gave a look at all the items on the table but nothing really struck my as fun or being a novelty.

And, as I was about to go browse other things in the store, this long, flat box caught my eye. It was a wide-angle pinhole camera kit. Build it —no tools or glue required— and start shooting!

I was so excited about what the box contained that, as soon as we got home, I started putting it together.

It wasn’t as easy as expected but well worth it. Approximately an hour later, after lots of separating, folding and taping… voilà!

A brand new cardboard wide-angle pinhole camera. I’ve loaded it with film already and took my first picture. It’s really fun not getting the immediate result.

Whatever comes out of it, good or bad, will be well worth the US$32 this camera cost. I built it from scratch, with my own hands. I feel like a kid who just put his first two Lego bricks together. A world of possibilities has just opened to me!

I will definitely share some of the photos that this camera produces but I am sure the first roll will be pretty terrible. There’s a learning curve on how to time the exposure —obviously no meter in the camera— and how to frame the shot since there is absolutely no viewfinder. Way out of my comfort zone! HAHA!


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