Creative Mornings LA: Childhood.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m a big Creative Mornings fan.

I started attending these talks in Geneva, Switzerland and quickly began collaborating with them by setting up photo booths in relation to the month’s theme.

That is how I photographed Happiness, Future, Backwards, Play (also CMLA’s 3rd birthday) and today’s Childhood themes.

Being from Switzerland, I had no idea who Justin Lyon was and what Yo Gabba Gabba! might be other than a foreign sounding rapper. But the theme, Childhood, totally resonated with me as I am forced to admit I am a kid trapped in an adult’s body! 

Anyway, the talk was inspiring, emotional and Justin Lyon seems to be just an all around cool dude. What’s funny is that in the last few talks here in LA, a recurrent theme has appeared: bite off more than you can chew and figure it out later. I think I just might start applying this theory, I like it!

Today’s event took place at MakerCityLA, a creative habitat that serves and inspires artists. Sharon, whom I photographed for (that will be for a future blog post) hosted the event and setup an awesome photo booth backdrop with the best props ever. It was so much fun capturing the Creative Mornings LA attendees while they were just having fun and being childish, even if for just one second.

So, without any further ado, here are the photos. I’ve also posted them on my Facebook so make sure to go ahead and tag yourself as well as friends.

20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002678 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002679 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002680 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002682 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002683 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002685 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002686 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002687 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002688 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002689 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002690 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002691 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002692 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002693 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002694 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002695 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002696 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002697 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002698 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002699 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002700 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002701 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002702 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002703 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002704 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002705 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002706 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002707 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002708 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002709 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002710 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002711 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002712 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002714 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002715 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002716 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002717 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002718 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002719 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002720 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002721 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002722 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002723 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002724 20140131_CMChildhood_P40+_CF002726


There you have it! As you can see, Creative Mornings events are not only inspiring and cool, they are also loads of fun!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Shannon R

    Loved today so much! Thank YOU!!
    Shannon R recently posted: Homemade Almond MilkMy Profile

    • Josh Fassbind

      Hey Shannon,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. It was a great event indeed and thanks for taking part in the photo booth.

      Take care,
      Josh Fassbind recently posted: 3804: new project.My Profile

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